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Hubble Deep Field (try)


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About this observation
Tim Haymes
Time of observation
14/04/2018 - 23:30
Hubble Deep Field
Observing location
Knowl Hill (SQM 20.0)
30cm F/4 Newt.
ATIK 428ex (2x2)
Baader MPCC
EQ6pro (EQMOD)
1.5 arc sec/pix
1min subs x 27
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A sort of clear sky was presented (poor transparency), so I grabbed the kit and had a go at "Pete and Paul's Astronomical Challenges (no 5)" - familiar to those who attended Winchester (Another great event if i may say so). This is the result of 27 min exposure. The "brighter" objects are detected down to mag 19 roughly. One star is G 19.6 (Gaia Mag). Hope to do a bit better next time. Sorry about all the overlays, but this was needed to illustrate what was being shown, which is 1/4 of the CCD cropped in.


Xilman's picture

Nice!  Must have a go myself when I'm back in La Palma.

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