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Aurora at Tarbatness


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About this observation
Denis Buczynski
Time of observation
19/03/2018 - 01:30
Aurora Borealis
Observing location
Tarbatness Highland Scotland
Samyang 14mm +Canon 550D
Hello all,
There was a small aurora visible from Tarbatness last night. First seen as a bright diffuse glow up to around 40 degrees above the northern horizon from around 21:00 UT. There was not much structure within the glow until about 21:20 when some banding and rays started to appear rising to heights of around 30 degrees. These were seen until around 21:45 UT after which heavy snow clouds obscured the view. After 22:30 the sky cleared and the aurora was still in progress but quiet without much structure. It remained in this state until around 00:40 when it subsided into a low green arc with a sharp upper boundry about 15 -20 degrees high.At around 01:30 UT the arc begun to rise and banding and rays were seen with some curtaining along an east west motion of activity below the arc. This continued until around 02:00 UT when heavy cloud moved in to to end the session. Ther are no sunpspots visible on the solar disc today this activity has been the result of a coronal hole that appeared on the solar disc a few days ago.
Attached are two low resolution pictures from the most active part of the display.
Best wishes
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