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Jupiter in poor conditions.


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About this observation
Chris Dole
Time of observation
12/02/2018 - 06:52
Observing location
Newbury. G.B.
180mm Maksutov Cassegrain @f25
ZWO ASI224mc
EQ6 Pro mount.
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Not my finest observing session this one. Got up early to catch Jupiter at culmination at just before 6am. Firstly I discovered that a recent Windows 10 update had deleted the drivers that eqmod uses to control my mount. Eventually fixed this only to find that the batteries in the gamepad I use to finely control the mount were dead. Back up to the house I go. Get back to find the battery in the mouse had failed. Back indoors again, grumbling. The sky was brightening as I turned the scope on Jupiter. Will I be treated to some good seeing after my troubles?........Nope.


Stevek1804's picture

...and then to work?

Do you want to borrow a Dob?

Image is good!

doley68's picture

Yes Steve, off to work after that. Funny you should mention the dob. I've been thinking about a big one on an equatorial platform. 

djswan2002's picture

Hello Chris,

You've done a superb job. I have regularly both looked at Jupiter visually and taken images since this apparition began, and I have found the seeing invariably awful. You've captured a remarkable amount of detail here.


doley68's picture


The seeing conditions were really awful. Not the usual jellyfish type wobbling but an intense shimmering effect. Made focussing very difficult to judge. Surprised I managed to get the result I did!

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