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About this observation
Andrew Thomas
Time of observation
07/02/2018 - 13:31
Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance (SID)
Observing location
Kent UK
UKRAA VLF receivers
0.6m frame antenna at 23.4kHz
1.0m frame antenna at 19.6kHz
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I have recently added a second VLF receiver and a 1m frame antenna. I now record on two VLF channels 19.6kHz from Anthorn nr Carlisle and 23.4kHz Rhauderfehn in northern Germany. This chart shows the SID resulting from a C8.1 solar flare at 13:31 on 2018_02_07 recorded by the NASA GOES satellite. It is interesting to see that each path shows a different effect; one constrictive and the other destructive interference between the ground and sky waves.

There is a faint hint of a second SID on the 19.6kHz signal due to the C1.8 flare at 14:35 but this is not seen not on the 23.4kHz signal. However this may just be noise!

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