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Orion + vermin (satellites)


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About this observation
Steve Knight
Time of observation
19/12/2017 - 01:53
Observing location
Moreton Pinkney
Canon 6D
Samyang f1.4 85mm lens
x282 10 sec exposures (ISO 3200)
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Aim of an hours worth of exposures was to try and capture Barnard's Loop.  Failed with this camera but I did capture many satellites.  I guess the 21st century vermin of the skies is not asteroids but satellites?  The main geostationary belt is about 8 deg below the celestial equator because of course I was about 5,000 km above the plane of the equator.


Grant Privett's picture

How  median stacking them in batches of 28 and then additively stacking the 10 resultant files? That should do it. Any satellites should just vanish during the median stacking! :)

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