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Bright Geminid


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About this observation
Peter Meadows
Time of observation
15/12/2017 - 00:15
Bright Geminid
Observing location
Galleywood, Essex
Imaging Source DMK31 Camera
Opticstar 2.8 to 12.0mm f1.4 Lens
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Despite a mixed forecast I used an Imaging Source Camera & Lens last night (14/15th Dec) for automatic imaging of the Geminids. With the camera pointing east, a bright geminid was imaged at 00:15:28 UT in a 9.7s exposure. A faint train is visible in the next exposure. Tracing the meteor path back leads to Castor in Gemini and the radiant of the Geminids.

So it was worth putting the camera out even though there was a covering of snow in the morning.


nickjames's picture

Very nice capture Peter. I got this one too from a few miles away. The still is here.

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