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174P Inner-coma extension in PA 220?


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About this observation
Tim Haymes
Time of observation
14/12/2017 - 18:20
Observing location
Nr Reading, UK
30cm F/4
Atik 428ex (2x2 bin)
TEC -15C
30sec, stack of 11 frames
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Ive been following this outburst since Dec 9th. This image was taken earlier in the evening some time before cullmination because the weather was bringing cloud.  An expanded inset suggest that the condensed coma has some structure, whereas before it did not.  Is it my imagination?   The camera was 2x2 binned (9 micron) which is not ideal.


nickjames's picture

Excellent image. There is a faint star involved in the coma to the NE (approx PA 60) so I think that is what you are seeing. My image was taken a little later and the star is then well separated from the inner coma.

Tim Haymes's picture

Thanks Nick, i hadnt anticipated the presence of background a star.  Your image is very clear.

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