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Regulus Reappearance timed


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About this observation
Tim Haymes
Time of observation
08/12/2017 - 22:13
Moon and Regulus
Observing location
Near Reading
10 x 50 binoculars
Digital Stopwatch
DCF77 continuous time signal
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I drove to a location where the Moon could be seen rising on a clear horizon. (The photo was taken when I got home about 20 min later).  The occultation was timed with the Moon at 2 degrees elevation in very good transparency at  2213h 41.3s UT.  I have a  DCF77 radio clock that is modified with a pizo sounder to give a continuous audible time signal that can be recorded, or used to start or stop a stop-watch.  It was a very pleasing observation under the circumstances  (Temp +1 C , low altitude). 

The completed report,  including long/lat from Google Earth, will be sent to the Lunar Section Occultation Coordinator, who I know is always pleased to receive observations.

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