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Geminid lunar impact monitoring

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Geminid lunar impact monitoring


I am hoping to attempt to capture some lunar impacts this forthcoming Gemind shower next week. I have had some excellent guidance from Tony Cook. However I am new to the Watec 120N+ camera and I just want to find out if my capture settings within Virtualdub software are correct.

The camera is connected fine to the laptop (1Tb ) and captures trial video at 30fps. I understand that before processing through the Lunarscan software I must deinterlace the captured avi file from the Watec. To do this I have gone to the Filters menu in Virtualdub then selected, add filter, selected the deinterlace filter, highlighted the duplicate fields and double frame rate and top field first radio buttons. I now get twice as many frames as the original.  Not having any experience of video processing in I am guessing that these are the settings I need to deintelace the files ready for Lunarscan. Any help and guidance would be much appreciated.

Kind regards.

Tom Moran