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Fireball spectrum

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Fireball spectrum

With a spell of a few clear nights I've been getting some interesting results. Caught this earlier today.

I've not been able to invent time travel to predict meteors!, the date is wrong  (part of a problem of the PC falling over a few nights ago, not sure what the issue is!) However the time is correct, caught the spectrum on two other machines.

Here's the spectrum.

Bright Ca+ and Si+ so quite an energetic entry but no 557.7nm lines therefore I'd say a slow(ish) Vg. A slow pebble....

Lots of iron lines and a few little bumps on the Mg triplet seen on the spectrum composite. VERY close to resolving these lines. The spectrum was caught in the second order of a 600l/mm system. ~0.6nm/pix dispersion. Nearly! Hopefully we'll get an orbit.