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2017 Aug 21 eclipse


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About this observation
Nick James
Time of observation
21/08/2017 - 17:55
Observing location
Tryon, Nebraska, USA
Megrez 72, x2 Barlow, Canon 600D

I'm now back in the UK but we had a wonderful view from Tryon, Nebraska.

We were based in Kearney and I'd been fretting on the weather for several days beforehand since the cloud forecast was not good for south central Nebraska. In the end we decided to move northwest on the day. We left at 7:30am and drove around 130 miles on almost empty roads (NE-40, NE-92). A few miles from Kearney we wre in thick fog and when we came out of that we had thick low cloud. The first (light) traffic we saw was at Stapleton on the US-83 north of North Platte.

We arrived at Tryon an hour before C1 and the parked up at a wonderful site that the locals had set up for the eclipse. By then the cloud was starting to clear and in the end the sky stayed clear with only some slow moving, high-level cirrus and the occasional low-level cumulus, neither of which were anywhere near the Sun at the critical time.

I shot close-up video using a Megrez 72 refractor, x2 Barlow and Canon EOS600D (the same equipment I've used at several recent eclipses) I also had two cameras recording wide-angle video and one still camera with a 16mm lens taking wide-angle photos. The video and stills are here:

The corona was particularly spectactular but the prominences were very nice too. All in all a very enjoyable eclipse. I saw it with a group of five friends, four of whom had not seen a total eclipse before. I think they now understand why I travel so far to see these things.

It turns out that it was clear at our hotel in Kearney and near the centre line north of there and many people we spoke to that night had seen totality. One who missed it was our taxi driver who had been on an early shift and missed it since he was asleep at the time.

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