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Ring Nebula M57


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About this observation
Kevin Toogood
Time of observation
13/08/2017 - 22:30
Observing location
Rochester, Kent
Meade LXD75 SN-8
Nikon D60
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Only 19 x 30s frames here- camera ran out of battery. Lovely clear night in a suburban location


dawson's picture

Kevin, great stuff. Impressive signal to noise if you live under a heavily light polled sky. Did you use any light pollution filters? Shame about the battery issue; hopefully you'll try again and go for 120-240 x 30 second subs. Have you tried using a Barlow lens or a Powermate in front of the camera to 'magnify' the nebula a bit? 

Hi James,

I am definitely hoping to get another go at this with a Barlow soon (and more exposures). I'm generally limited to about 30mins before my laptop battery packs in, but when I get the time I'll run an extension cable to solve that problem. I was too late last night for M57 (trees at the back of our house are an issue!) so decided to have a go at M27 instead. No filters, we're not bad for LP most of the time although my neighbour seems to have installed a really bright PIR light recently which keeps going off!!!

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