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Are there any Celestron CPC users on the forum?

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Are there any Celestron CPC users on the forum?

Hi guys,

A quick question if I may...

I'm considering a CPC series scope as a portable rig - on the basis that it has to be easier than a sizable GEM (?).

(I use an obsy based CGEM at present and I'd like to stay with Celestron for ease of learning).

I would also like to use the CPC for photometry but i'd need to know the 'pass-through' distance between OTA back and the fork base - to accommodate focal reducer, (slim) filter wheel and camera at high altitudes.  I'm assuming a wedge fitted.

Ideally I need 12 - 13 cm clearance.  Is that reasonable/doable?  Can any CPC owner of any size (800, 925, 1100) advise please?