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Moons of Saturn - observing challenge


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About this observation
David Swan
Time of observation
18/06/2017 - 00:28
Saturn and some of its moons
Observing location
Tynemouth, UK
Scope: 200mm SCT at f/10
Camera: ASI178MC
Software: FireCapture, AS!3 and Registax
Stack of 90% of 180 frames over 90s; half second exposures

Michael Foulkes, the Director of the Saturn, Uranus and Neptune section, asked small/medium scope users to report their efforts with finding Saturn's moons this apparition. Here, Dione, Tethys, Rhea (the three closer in) and Titan (further out) are obvious. You can make out Enceladus at the nine o'clock position, very close in to the planet. Will try harder next time to get Mimas. I think Saturn is just washing out that magnitude 13 moon. Having a look now at the larger captured frames, to see if I can definitively claim a hit on Iapetus.

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