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Advanced Planetary Imaging Workshop

Saturday, 2020, June 20 (All day)
Institute of Physics, 37 Caledonian road, London N1 9BU.

This will be a one-day workshop in London held jointly with the Society for Popular Astronomy (SPA) on high speed video imaging of the planets. The day will include talks and discussion on stacking, alignment, quality sorting, noise reduction, equipment and the use of modern planetary processing software. There will be an emphasis on practical techniques and processes combined with discussions on the underlying principles as well as talks on how to best image particular planets. It will be expected that you will have already have some experience of planetary imaging but wish to take your imaging capabilities to the next level.

To include:

  • Overview of planetary imaging
  • Comparison of monochrome and colour imaging
  • Thermal management of telescopes 
  • Understanding seeing
  • Use of dispersion correctors 
  • New types of cameras
  • Infra red imaging
  • Imaging with Dobsonians 
  • Hands-on demonstrations of software including PIPP, WinJupos, AutoStakkert!, Registax, SER Player and Astra Image. 
  • Questions and discussion

Registax screen