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Author Type Date Page
A 48th supernova for Ron Arbour Hazel McGee Observers' Forum 2018 April 118
The Radio Astronomy Group in 2017 John A. Cook Observers' Forum 2018 April 116
Exploring the galaxies of Virgo Stewart Moore Observers' Forum 2018 April 115
Meeting of the Historical Section Lee Macdonald BAA Update 2018 April 112
Richard M. Baum, 1930−2017 Alan Heath, Bill Leatherbarrow, Richard McKim & Jeremy Shears BAA Update 2018 April 109
Spectroscopic observation of planetary nebulae Paul Luckas Papers 2018 April 103
Saturn, 2004-'05 Richard McKim Papers 2018 April 94
Franz von Paula Gruithuisen (1774− 1852) and the ‘Lost City in the Moon’ Nigel Longshaw Papers 2018 April 91
The 2017 Presidential Address: Amateur astronomers and the new golden age of cataclysmic variable star astronomy Jeremy Shears 2018 April 75
From the Journal Archive John Chuter Notes and News 2018 April 74
Absolute Beginners No 13. The Pole Star Paul G Abel Notes and News 2018 April 72
Venus returns to the evening sky Paul G Abel Notes and News 2018 April 70
Conjunctions and comparisons Richard McKim Notes and News 2018 April 70
Solar Section Lyn Smith Notes and News 2018 April 69
Auroral activity 2017 October 21 − December 20 Sandra Brantingham Notes and News 2018 April 68