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Author Type Date Page
The Geminid meteor shower in 2017 John Kemp, Peter Carson, Alan Tough Observers' Forum 2018 February 48
A feast of variable nebulae Nick Hewitt Observers' Forum 2018 February 46
Absolute Beginners No 12. The motion of the planets Paul Abel Observers' Forum 2018 February 44
The BAA Memoirs: an introduction Richard McKim Papers 2018 February 38
The first recorded aurora australis? John Simpson Papers 2018 February 33
Frank Wilsenham Hyde (1909-1984): Radio astronomer extraordinaire! Martin Mobberley Papers 2018 February 17
Lunar eclipse brightness and the terrestrial atmosphere Giovanni Di Giovanni Papers 2018 February 10
Observing mars in 2018 Richard McKim 2018 February 9
From the Journal Archive John Chuter Notes and News 2018 February 8
Solar Section Lyn Smith Notes and News 2018 February 6
Nova fireworks on New Year's Eve David Boyd 2018 February 5
75 years in Burlington House Richard McKim Notes and News 2018 February 4
Notes and News (complete) Notes and News 2018 February 3
From the President Callum Potter Notes and News 2018 February 3
Contents 2018 February 2