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Author Type Date Page
by William Sheehan
Richard McKim Book Reviews 2019 February 54
BAA Weekend Meeting, Christchurch, Dorset: 2018 September 7–9 Alan Dowdell BAA Update 2019 February 52
Discovery of the first resolved triple white dwarf Jeremy Shears & Martin Mobberley Observers' Forum 2019 February 51
Letter: Origin of Crux Ian Ridpath 2019 February 49
Highlights from the 2018 Observer’s Challenges Andy Wilson Observers' Forum 2019 February 48
Eridanus: winter nights on the river Nick Hewitt Observers' Forum 2019 February 46
Amateur discovery of a nova in the Andromeda Galaxy George Carey Observers' Forum 2019 February 45
A new comet: C/2018 Y1 (Iwamoto) Nick James Observers' Forum 2019 February 45
A lunar cryptomare dome near Cavalerius A and Hevelius A Raffaello Lena & K. C. Pau Papers 2019 February 38
Alice Grace Cook: An East Anglian meteor observer William Barton Papers 2019 February 29
The mean distance from the Earth to the Moon Jean Meeus Papers 2019 February 27
Jupiter’s North Equatorial Belt & Jet I. Cyclic expansions & planetary waves John H. Rogers Papers 2019 February 13
FROM THE JOURNAL ARCHIVE John Chuter Notes and News 2019 February 12
'Through which end do I look?' – the absolute basics of using a telescope David Arditti Notes and News 2019 February 11
Solar Section Lyn Smith Notes and News 2019 February 9