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Author Type Date Page
An investigation of GSC 02038-00293, a suspected RS CVn star, using CCD photometry Alastair Bruce, Stewart Cruickshank, Tony Rodda & Mark Salisbury Papers 2013 August 221
Saturn during the 2007/2008 apparition Mike Foulkes Papers 2013 August 209
Revisiting the 1963 'Aristarchus events' Robert O'Connell & Anthony Cook Papers 2013 August 197
A dark sky survey in Wales Martin Griffiths Papers 2013 August 194
The first International Astronomy Show, Warwickshire, 2013 May 17-18 Ann Davies Notes and News 2013 August 193
Aurora and NLC news Dave Gavine & Ken Kennedy Notes and News 2013 August 192
Solar Section update Lyn Smith Notes and News 2013 August 189
From the President Bill Leatherbarrow Notes and News 2013 August 188
Here come the Perseid meteors Dr John Mason Notes and News 2013 August 187
Notes and News Section Heading 2013 August 187
Contents Section Heading 2013 August 186
Front cover Section Heading 2013 August 185