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Author Type Date Page
The lunar eclipse impact flash of 2019 Jan 21 Dr Anthony Cook Notes and News 2019 April 64
Notes and News Notes and News 2019 April 63
From the President Callum Potter Notes and News 2019 April 63
The BAA at AstroFest 2019 Ann Davies Notes and News 2019 April 63
Index to Volume 128 (2018) Hazel McGee BAA Update 2019 February 61
Sky Notes: 2019 February & March Brian Mills 2019 February 56
by William Sheehan
Richard McKim Book Reviews 2019 February 54
BAA Weekend Meeting, Christchurch, Dorset: 2018 September 7–9 Alan Dowdell BAA Update 2019 February 52
Discovery of the first resolved triple white dwarf Jeremy Shears & Martin Mobberley Observers' Forum 2019 February 51
Letter: Origin of Crux Ian Ridpath 2019 February 49
Highlights from the 2018 Observer’s Challenges Andy Wilson Observers' Forum 2019 February 48
Eridanus: winter nights on the river Nick Hewitt Observers' Forum 2019 February 46
Amateur discovery of a nova in the Andromeda Galaxy George Carey Observers' Forum 2019 February 45
A new comet: C/2018 Y1 (Iwamoto) Nick James Observers' Forum 2019 February 45
A lunar cryptomare dome near Cavalerius A and Hevelius A Raffaello Lena & K. C. Pau Papers 2019 February 38