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Author Type Date Page
Deep Sky Section Annual Meeting 2019 Nick Hewitt BAA Update 2019 October 305
Game of Thrones: Cassiopeia & Cepheus Nick Hewitt Observers' Forum 2019 October 302
VEGA 2019 International Spectroscopy Symposium Jack Martin Observers' Forum 2019 October 301
Spectroscopic observations of the outburst of a WZ Sge dwarf nova David Boyd Observers' Forum 2019 October 300
Unusual asteroid names revisited Michael Covington Observers' Forum 2019 October 300
FROM THE BAA ARCHIVES John Chuter Notes and News 2019 October 299
Letters Geoff White Notes and News 2019 October 299
Trustees’ Report and financial results for the year ended 2019 June 30 2019 October 295
Report of the Council for the session 2018 August 1 to 2019 July 31 2019 October 282
Latitude movements of solar prominences, 2010–’17 Fred Nye Papers 2019 October 279
The many faces of Gyulbudaghian’s Nebula Grant Privett, Andrea Tasselli, Andrew Luck, Bob Garner, Dale Holt, Daniel Self, Geoff Thurston, Mike Harlow, Owen Brazell & Steven Goldsmith Papers 2019 October 273
The opposition of Mars, 2012: Part I Richard McKim Papers 2019 October 260
FROM THE JOURNAL ARCHIVE John Chuter Notes and News 2019 October 259
Old telescopes on new mountings David Arditti Notes and News 2019 October 258
Change at the helm of the Variable Star Section Jeremy Shears 2019 October 257