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Author Type Date Page
Letters 2019 December 368
Gerard P. Kuiper and the rise of modern planetary science
by Derek W. G. Sears
Bill Leatherbarrow Book Reviews 2019 December 367
Dark skies: A journey into the wild night
by Tiffany Francis
Bob Mizon Book Reviews 2019 December 367
Equipment review: Celestron Rowe–Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA 11) Grant Privett 2019 December 366
The Universe explained – a cosmic Q&A
by Heather Couper & Nigel Henbest
Philip Jennings Book Reviews 2019 December 365
Sailing with the Argonauts Stewart Moore Observers' Forum 2019 December 364
Comet Prospects for 2020 Jonathan Shanklin Observers' Forum 2019 December 362
Stuart Hawkins (1924–2019) Bob Mizon BAA Update 2019 December 361
BAA Handbook 2020: A correction Steve Harvey BAA Update 2019 December 361
From the BAA Archives John Chuter Notes and News 2019 December 360
Centenaries for 2020 Barry Hetherington Notes and News 2019 December 359
The opposition of Mars, 2012: Part II Richard McKim Papers 2019 December 351
The brighter comets of 2015 Jonathan Shanklin Papers 2019 December 341
A lunar survey of the Apennine Bench Formation & identification of volcanic features Raffaello Lena & Barry FitzGerald Papers 2019 December 329
The BAA Solar Section observation databases Peter Meadows Papers 2019 December 326