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Author Type Date Page
Sky Notes for February and March 2020 Nick Hewitt 2020 February 60
BAA Weekend Meeting – ‘Comets & other small solar system objects’ Alan Dowdell BAA Update 2020 February 57
Melvyn Douglas Taylor – visual observer par excellence Alex Pratt BAA Update 2020 February 54
Meeting of the Historical Section, 2019 June 8 Lee Macdonald BAA Update 2020 February 52
The discovery of dwarf nova AT 2019vww Robin Leadbeater Observers' Forum 2020 February 51
Record-breaking SU Tauri & faded Betelgeuse keep observers guessing Gary Poyner Observers' Forum 2020 February 50
Planetary nebulae in Orion Owen Brazell Observers' Forum 2020 February 48
From The Bookshelf: The Starry Heavens by Captain Ellison Hawks Richard McKim Notes and News 2020 February 47
FROM THE BAA ARCHIVES John Chuter Notes and News 2020 February 46
The crowd and the cosmos - adventures in the Zooniverse
by Chris Lintott
Hazel McGee Book Reviews 2020 February 45
An anthology of visual double stars
by Bob Argyle, Mike Swan & Andrew James
John McCue Book Reviews 2020 February 45
Imaging Mars from Curaçao in 2018 Eric Sussenbach & John Sussenbach Papers 2020 February 41
The quest for an airline-portable telescope for visual astronomy Jeremy Shears Papers 2020 February 37
The 2018–’19 eastern & western elongations of Venus Paul G. Abel Papers 2020 February 32
Naked-eye sunspot observations: a critical review of pre-telescopic western reports John Simpson Papers 2020 February 15