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The Journal of the British Astronomical Association: Book Review Search

Author Type Date Page
Planetary Astronomy
by Christophe Pellier (Ed.)
Martin Lewis Book Reviews 2021 August 255
Vera Rubin: A life
by Jacqueline Mitton & Simon Mitton
Lee Macdonald Book Reviews 2021 June 184
What stars are made of: The life of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin
by Donovan Moore
Mike Frost Book Reviews 2021 April 118
Tycho Brahe and the measure of the heavens
by John Robert Christianson
Bill Barton Book Reviews 2021 February 56
Yearbook of astronomy 2021
by Brian Jones
James Dawson Book Reviews 2020 December 371
The Human Cosmos: A secret history of the stars
by Jo Marchant
Bob Mizon Book Reviews 2020 October 312
Luna Cognita: A comprehensive observer’s handbook of the known Moon
by Robert A. Garfinkle
Richard McKim Book Reviews 2020 October 311
by William Sheehan
Mike Foulkes Book Reviews 2020 June 179
The crowd and the cosmos - adventures in the Zooniverse
by Chris Lintott
Hazel McGee Book Reviews 2020 February 45
An anthology of visual double stars
by Bob Argyle, Mike Swan & Andrew James
John McCue Book Reviews 2020 February 45
Gerard P. Kuiper and the rise of modern planetary science
by Derek W. G. Sears
Bill Leatherbarrow Book Reviews 2019 December 367
Dark skies: A journey into the wild night
by Tiffany Francis
Bob Mizon Book Reviews 2019 December 367
The Universe explained – a cosmic Q&A
by Heather Couper & Nigel Henbest
Philip Jennings Book Reviews 2019 December 365
Oor Big Braw Cosmos: A cocktail of cosmic science, imagery & poetry
by John C Brown & Rab Wilson
Andy Sawers Book Reviews 2019 August 238
Chronicling the Golden Age of Astronomy: A history of visual observing from Harriot to Moore
by Neil English
John Chuter Book Reviews 2019 April 114