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The Journal of the British Astronomical Association: Book Reviews

We regret to advise that the previous arrangement whereby online bookseller Amazon gave a small commission to the BAA for books and other items ordered through our website has been discontinued. Those who find it convenient to purchase their books online may wish to try one of these alternative options.

Total Addiction: The life of an eclipse chaser
by Kate Russo
Springer, 2012
IBSN 978-3642304804, Pp 193, £16.54 (pbk)
An amateur’s guide to observing and imaging the heavens
by Ian Morison
Cambridge University Press, 2014
IBSN 978-1-107-61960-9, Pp xiv + 321, £25 (pbk)
2015 Guide to the Night Sky
by Storm Dunlop & Wil Tirion
Collins, 2014
IBSN 978-0-00-759868-7, Pp 96, £6.99 (pbk)
Solar system maps: from antiquity to the space age
by Nick Kanas
Springer-Praxis, 2014
IBSN 978-1-4614-0895-6, Pp xxviii + 331, £40.99 (pbk); £31.99 (e-book)
The Stargazers’ Almanac 2015
by Bob Mizon
Floris Books, 2014
IBSN 978-1-78250-108-4, Pp Pp 32, £14.99 (pbk)
Introducing the planets and their moons
by Peter Cattermole
Dunedin, 2014
IBSN 978-1-78046-029-1, Pp x + 142, £9.99 (pbk)
William Parsons, 3rd Earl of Rosse: Astronomy and the castle in nineteenth-century Ireland
by Charles Mollan (Ed.)
Manchester University Press, 2014
IBSN 978-0-7190-9144-5, Pp xxii + 368, £70.00 (hbk)
The dark skies of the North Pennines: An amateur photographer’s delight
by Graham Relf
Burnsiderial, 2014
IBSN 978-0-9928357-0-5, Pp vi + 95, £13.50 (pbk)
Space has no frontier
by John Bromley-Davenport
Bene Factum Publishing, 2013
IBSN 978-1-903071-98-4, Pp viii + 312, £20.00 (hbk & e-book)
Statistics, data mining and machine learning in astronomy
by Zeljko Ivezic et al.
Princeton University Press, 2014
IBSN 978-0-691-15168-7, Pp x + 540, £65.00 (hbk)
From dust to life − the origin and evolution of our solar system
by John Chambers & Jacqueline Mitton
Princeton University Press, 2013
IBSN 978-0691-145228, Pp xvi + 299, £19.95 (hbk)
Comets! - visitors from deep space
by David J. Eicher
Cambridge University Press, 2013
IBSN 978-11076-22777, Pp xvi + 208, £17.99 (pbk)