The Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Volume 109, No.3: 1999 June

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Notes and News

From the President / Solar Section / The BAA Campaign for Dark Skies: the first ten years / CfDS attends the first meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Astronomy and Space Environment Group / Star-spots of Venus


1927: a British eclipse ... R. A. Marriott

The 'jamjar' magnetometer, sixteen years on ... R. J. Livesey
Intensity variations of Venus' terminator region ... Peter Wade
Simple photometric observations of BR Canum Venaticorum (a troublesome comparison star) ... Kevin West, John Howarth & László Kiss

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Observing Meteors, Comets, Supernovae and other transient phenomena by Neil Bone Springer-Verlag, 1999. ISBN 1-85233-0117-1. Pp x + 198, £19.00 (pbk).
reviewed by John Rogers

Meeting reports

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