The Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Volume 107, No.1: 1997 February

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Notes and News

The Great Comet Crash: the view gets clearer (16 Kb)

Plus: Galileo's update on Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 / Mars 1996-97: first interim report / Aurora Section / H3+ - found at last / A limb projection on Venus, 1996 October / Solar Section / COSPAR Colloquium 10: Asteroids, comets and meteors '96 / A new Galileo image of Europa


Giovanni Schiaparelli: Visions of a colour blind astronomer ... William Sheehan

The Herigonius sinuous rille system based on NSSDC microfilm frames... ... Keith W. Abineri
The quest for Neptune ... Patrick Moore
Visual observations of TT Crateris at minimum ... Richard W. Fleet & Tristram Brelstaff
The fireball of 1995 July 28 at 2253 UT ... Howard Miles
Impressions of Cape skies - April 1995 ... Edward Ellis
An evaluation of the Geminid meteor stream radiant from photographic observations ... S. J. Evans
The flash aurora ... R. J. Livesey

An observation of Mercury and its history ... Richard Baum (9 Kb)

Astronomy on ice ... Jonathan Shanklin

(Copies of any of these articles may be ordered from the BAA office.)


Read the letters here (18.7 Kb)


Observers' Forum

Observing a stellar occultation by an asteroid (5.8 Kb)

Plus: The occultation of Venus / Ephemerides of Minor Planets / Asteroids passing by

Meeting reports

BAA Update

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