The Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Volume 109, No.6: 1999 December

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Notes and News

From the President / Meteor Section: the season's grand finale / Comet prospects for 2000 / Aurora Section / Venus: the twilight zone, 1999 / A TLP in Langrenus crater / A double Good Lighting Award in Alloa / A colourful Saturn / The two faces of August's eclipse


Discrete and diffuse aurora observed from Scotland: the Merry Dancers and the Northern Dawn ... D. A. R. Simmons
Spectra of Wolf-Rayet stars and planetary nebulae ... Maurice Gavin
Of comets and variable stars: the Afro-Australian astronomical activities of J. F. Skjellerup ... Wayne Orchiston
Centenaries for 2000 ... Barry Hetherington

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BAA Update

  • The Truro BAA eclipse meeting: the group photograph
  • Obituary: Bruce Holcombe Hardie, 1922-1999
  • The 33rd BAA Winchester Weekend: Easter 1999

    The International Workshop on Cometary Astronomy, Cambridge, 1999 August 14-16


    Read the letters here


    Countdown: A History of Spaceflight by T. A. Heppenheimer. John Wiley & Sons, 1997. ISBN 0-471-14439-8 (hbk), 0-471-29105-6 (pbk). Pp x + 398. 13.99 (pbk).
    reviewed by Nick James

    An introduction to modern cosmology by Andrew Liddle. John Wiley & Sons, 1999. ISBN 0-471-98757-3 (hbk), 0-471-98758-1 (pbk). Pp xiii + 129, 14.99 (pbk). reviewed by Arunas Kucinskas

    Meeting reports

    Observers' Forum

  • Finding a comet on the Internet: the discovery of comet 1999 S1 (SOHO)
  • The solar eclipse of 1999 August 11 - the colours of the Sun
  • A 1998 Leonid fireball

    CCD images of Jupiter and Saturn


    Jupiter and Saturn imaged by Martin Mobberley in August this year with his 0.36m f/25 Cassegrain and Starlight Xpress SXL8 CCD. Left: Jupiter on August 28 at 00.57 UT, exposure 0.2 sec. The satellite with shadow visible on the disk is Io. Right: Saturn on August 2 at 02.00 UT, exposure 0.8 sec. M. P. Mobberley

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