The Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Volume 108, No.6: 1998 December

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Notes and News

CCD images by British amateurs / Comet prospects for 1999 / From the President / Solar Section / Aurora Section / Jupiter in 1998: an interim report / The annular solar eclipse, 1998 August 22 / Bosscha Observatory, West Java


The comets of 1993 ... J. D. Shanklin

Measurement and analysis of radio emission from the quiet Sun ... J. C. D. Marsh
A report on the Mira variable R Aquilę ... John Greaves
February with no Full Moon ... Peter Macdonald
The practical application of transfer and Fabry lenses ... John Wall
The Norwich Astronomical Society's observatory: Re-build of telescope and upgrade to drive control ... Brian Mitchell & Frank Lawlor Centenaries for 1999 ... Barry Hetherington (2pp)

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Zoo in the Sky by Jacqueline Mitton and Christina Balit. Frances Lincoln Ltd., 1998. ISBN 0-7112-1186-8. £10.99, hbk. reviewed by Laurence Anslow

Briefly noted

Observers' Forum

A spectrum of a Wolf-Rayet star
The image shows a low-resolution spectrum of the Wolf-Rayet star HD192163 in Cygnus, obtained by Maurice Gavin on 1998 August 17 at 00.28 UT at his Worcester Park Observatory in Surrey. The star is assumed to be associated with the adjacent emission nebula NGC 6888. 30sec exposure with spectroscope + 30cm SCT, MX5-16 CCD. Trace from original spectrum via PIXWIN software. M. V. Gavin.

Meeting reports

BAA Update

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