The Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Volume 109, No.4: 1999 August

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Notes and News

SN 1999by: a bright supernova in NGC 2841 / The last days of Jupiter's white ovals? / From the President / Don't forget the Perseids this August... / Aurora Section / Solar Section


High resolution spectra and monochromatic images of a flaring 1991 Perseid meteor ... David Airey
Visual observations of the Perseid meteor shower in 1991 ... N. M. Bone
The comets of 1994 ... J. D. Shanklin
Sunspot cycle 22: A qualitative and quantitative analysis ... Frank Ventura & Tony Tanti
Observing with a Browning prominence spectroscope ... R. A. Marriott

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The Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas by Jeremy Cook (Ed.) Springer-Verlag, 1999. ISBN 1-85233-018-X. Pp 122, 26.00 (hbk). (Price to BAA members: 19.00)
reviewed by Keith W. Abineri

The Victorian Amateur Astronomer: Independent Astronomical Research in Britain, 1820-1920 by Allan Chapman John Wiley/Praxis Publishing, 1998. ISBN 0-471-96257-0. Pp xxii + 428, 40.00 (hbk).
reviewed by Peter Hingley

Meeting reports

Observers' Forum

BAA Update

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