The Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Volume 106, No.4: 1996 August

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Notes and News

The fiery death of Ariane 5 by Paul Murdin [12.6 Kb]

Plus: From the President / Unusual observations of Venus / Mars Section (erratum) / Solar Section


[22.7 Kb]
This NASA Hubble Space Telescope view of Mars is the clearest picture ever taken from Earth, surpassed only by close-up shots sent back by visiting space probes. The picture was taken on February 25, 1995, when Mars was at a distance of approximately 65 million miles (103 million km) from Earth.

The dust storms of Mars ... Richard McKim

Mary Somerville, mathematician and astronomer of underused talents ... Mary T. Brück

Building a thirty-two inch (0.81m) telescope ... John Wall

The Moon through the looking glass ... R. J. Livesey

William Lassell and 'the accident of a maid-servant's carelessness' or Why Neptune was not searched for at Starfield ... Richard Baum [16.9 Kb]

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Meeting reports

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