The Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Volume 107, No.2: 1997 April

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Notes and News

Hipparcos results change the distance scale of the Universe (4 Kb) / Variable Star Section: One million and counting! / Aurora Section / Mars 1996-97: second interim report / Solar Section / Mercury - western elongation 1996 October / BAA member awarded honorary DSc at Birmingham / The index to Volume 106 - an apology


C. R. d'Esterre and the mysteries of UV and UW Per ... M. P. Mobberley, P. M. Barber & G. M. Hurst

A possible new impact feature in the Okavango Delta ... Colin Henshaw (11 Kb)
Astronomy in nineteenth-century Lancaster ... Peter Wade
Observations of the suspected variable NSV 1702 ... C. Lloyd, J. Watson & D. McAdam
Ken Beames: Australian telescope-maker extraordinaire ... Wayne Orchiston
POSS - the ultimate deep-sky resource? ... Owen Brazell
An example of output from RealSky: the area of the M81 galaxy.
A better formula for telescopic limiting magnitudes? ... Gerald North
Astronomy-friendly security lighting ... Chris Trayner

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Meeting reports

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