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Volume 106, No.2: 1996 April

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Notes and News

Planets in abundance? (3.6 Kb)

Plus: HST pushes back the frontiers of the observable universe / Galileo at Jupiter: first results from the atmospheric probe / From the President / NEAR - a voyage to 433 Eros / Solar Section / Gérard de Vaucouleurs, 1918-1995: an appreciation / Nova Cassiopeiae 1995 / Aurora Section


(24.6 Kb)
A visible-light CCD image of the greatest impact sites, 9 days sfter first passage, by Isao Miyazaki (40cm reflector, Okinawa, Japan). One of 15 diagrams and images (several in colour) reproduced in the first part of 'The comet collision with Jupiter'.

The comet collision with Jupiter: I. What happened in the impacts ... John H. Rogers

Carrington's method of determining sunspot positions ... E. T. H. Teague
The comets of 1990 ... J. D. Shanklin
Lunar occultations of planets ... Gordon E. Taylor
The aurora 1994 ... R. J. Livesey
The Barnett Observatory ... J. N. Brown

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