The Journal of the British Astronomical Association: Volume 110, No.2: 2000 April

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Supernova 1996bo in galaxy NGC 673, discovered on 1996 October 23, was the first extragalactic supernova to be discovered from the UK. (The current tally is 23).

Nick Hewitt tells the story of the first seven of these discoveries in his paper in the April Journal. The picture shows (left), an image of galaxy NGC 673 from the Digital Sky Survey; (centre), Mark Armstrong's own master image of the galaxy, and (right), the supernova discovery image. M. W. Armstrong

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Notes and News

The Liverpool Telescope: A 2-metre robotic telescope facility available to UK amateurs / From the President / NSCA light pollution seminar, Glasgow, 1999 November 25 / Cassini is still 'all systems go' /The eclipse from above the clouds/ Asteroidal occultation timed by four UK observers / 'Your friendly local street light'


The first seven UK supernova discoveries ... Nick Hewitt

A note on the Julian date and Joseph Scaliger ... John Watson

V Boötis, a semiregular variable of declining amplitude... John Greaves & J. J. Howarth

The Vancouver Island fireball of 1996 December 17 ... J. B. Tatum & L. L. Stumpf

Theoretical dichotomy of Venus, 2000-2040... Jean Meeus

New astronomy library in Bologna is named after Guido Horn D'Arturo: a forefather of modern telescopes... Monica Marra

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Meteorites and their Parent Planets (2nd edition) by Harry Y. McSween, Jr. Cambridge University Press, 1999. ISBN 0-521-58303-9 (hbk), 0-521-58751-4 (pbk). Pp xii + 310, £45.00/£16.95.
reviewed by Monica Grady

UK solar eclipses from year 1 to 3,000 (2nd edition)by Sheridan Williams. Clock Tower Press, PO Box 5010, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 0ZZ. ISBN 1-85142-093-2. £11.95 (pbk).
reviewed by Hazel McGee


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