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The Journal of the British Astronomical Association, 2015 December

Volume 125, Number 6

The total lunar eclipse of September 28, an asteroidal occultation observed from the UK, and comet prospects for 2016...

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Centenaries for 2016
Barry Hetherington

Refereed Papers

David Elijah Packer: cluster variables, meteors and the solar corona
David Elijah Packer (1862-1936), a librarian by profession, was an enthusiastic amateur astronomer who observed from London and Birmingham. He observed variable stars, meteors and nebulae, on one occasion reporting a brightening in the nucleus of the galaxy M77. However, his remarkable claims in 1896 that he had photographed the solar corona in daylight were soon shown to be flawed.
Jeremy Shears
Saturn in 1996-'97
A report of the Saturn Section. Director: M. Foulkes.
Richard McKim
Optical outbursts of the cataclysmic variable 1RXS J140429.5+172352
We present the nine-year lightcurve of the cataclysmic variable 1RXS J140429.5+172352 from 2005 April to 2014 July.
Jeremy Shears, Pavol Dubovský, Colin Littlefield, Ian Miller, Etienne Morelle, Roger Pickard, Javier Ruiz & Richard Sabo
Quadrantids 2014 − Multi-station meteor videography
The results from multi-station observations of the 2014 Quadrantids meteor shower are presented and discussed.
Alex R. Pratt, William Stewart, Mike Foylan, David Anderson & Michael O’Connell
The brighter comets of 2006
A report of the Comet Section. Director (1990 − 2015): J. D. Shanklin. This report describes and analyses observations of the brighter or more interesting comets discovered or at perihelion during 2006, concentrating on those with reported visual observations. Magnitude parameters are given for all comets with observations.
Jonathan Shanklin