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The Journal of the British Astronomical Association, 2013 December

Volume 123, Number 6

Four autumn comets, a hybrid eclipse of the Sun, and how to make video observations of meteor showers..

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Selected highlights from this Journal:

Also in this issue

Thank you and goodbye to the Herschel Observatory
Last September, BAA Section Director Dr Richard Miles used the Faulkes Telescope South to record the position of ESA’s Herschel telescope at around mag 24, to prevent its loss for ever.
Richard Miles

Refereed Papers

A modern video meteor detection system and network - Overview and typical costs
How networks of video cameras can be used to triangulate the 3D positions and speeds of meteors.
William Stewart & Alex R. Pratt
Geminids 2012 - Dual-station meteor videography
Report on the use of video cameras to observe the Geminids in 2012
Alex R. Pratt & William Stewart
F.W. Longbottom: astronomical photographer and founder of the Chester Astronomical Society
A biography of one of the BAA's Original Members
Jeremy Shears
The Comets of 2001: Part 1
Report of the Comet Section's observations from 2001
Jonathan Shanklin
The orbital and superhump periods of the deeply eclipsing dwarf nova PU UMa
Unfiltered photometry during superoutbursts of PU UMa in 2009 and 2012 is reported.
Jeremy Shears, Franz-Josef Hambsch, Colin Littlefield, Ian Miller, Etienne Morelle, Roger Pickard, Jochen Pietz & Richard Sabo