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The Journal of the British Astronomical Association, 2021 June

Volume 131, Number 3

A bumper issue featuring the first powered flight on Mars, the inside story of the Winchcombe meteorite recovery and open clusters for the summer months .

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Selected highlights from this Journal:

Refereed Papers

Sunspot groups without active region numbers
Using personal white-light disc drawings of the Sun, it is assessed that some 8% of all sunspot groups observed during the 10 years from 2009 to 2018 have not been assigned an NOAA active region number. This paper examines these groups to try to identify why this might be the case.
Peter Meadows
Reginald Lawson Waterfield (1900–1986), eclipse chaser & comet photographer extraordinaire
‘Reggie’ Waterfield was the BAA’s 33rd president and its most prolific comet photographer from the 1930s to the 1980s. He was also an eclipse chaser and a leading haematologist. Part I covers Reggie’s earliest years, the three years he spent abroad in Baltimore, his gruelling eclipse expeditions and his friendships with W. H. Steavenson and others.
Martin Mobberley
Noctilucent cloud over Britain & Western Europe, 2019
A summary of noctilucent cloud activity recorded during the 2019 northern hemisphere observing season.
Ken Kennedy
The 2019–’20 eastern elongation of Venus, Part I: Observations of the dayside
This report covers observations of Venus made by Section members during the 2019–’20 eastern elongation. Part I covers observations of the dayside; various features are discussed, including cloud formations and unusual atmospheric phenomena which occurred during this time. Using phase estimates, a date for dichotomy is established, and observations made near inferior conjunction are examined.
Paul G. Abel