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Recent Observations

Double Cluster
John Hughes, 2020 Oct 09
Alan Tough, 2020 Apr 24
C/2017 T2 (PanSTARRS)
Alan Tough, 2020 Jan 24
Pete Lawrence, 2019 Nov 11
Bill Leatherbarrow, 2018 Jul 05

Discussion Forums

VLF Report for October 2020...
John Berman (0 replies). Updated 2020 Nov 23.
Is there more than one Peter...
Peter Tickner (1 replies). Updated 2020 Nov 21.
Mars dust storm alert
Richard McKim (3 replies). Updated 2020 Nov 20.
ER Uma and RZ Lmi:...
Stewart Bean (0 replies). Updated 2020 Nov 19.
Canon ESP 100M mirror less...
Alan Dowdell (1 replies). Updated 2020 Nov 18.
Lockdown Teaser: Is the...
Alan Thomas (2 replies). Updated 2020 Nov 17.

Sky Notes

Sky Notes : 2020 October & November
Nick suggests looking to the 'watery constellations' using Pegasus as a guide after the excitement of the Mars Opposition
Sky Notes - August & September
Plenty to see as Nick explains: The Summer Triangle, Small Summer Constellations, Spectacular Planets
Sky Notes: June & July 2020
Even though there are very few hours of darkness Nick shows that there is much still to see in the Sky