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Recent Observations

Graham Roberts, 2018 Nov 03
Bill Leatherbarrow, 2018 Jul 05
Carl Bowron, 2018 May 24
Comet C/2015 ER61 (PanSTARRS)
Alan Tough, 2017 Aug 22
Alan Tough, 2017 Feb 10

Discussion Forums

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comet Panther 1980
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ARPS section meetings
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new visual comet discovery by...
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Low cost, high res solar...
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Sky Notes

Sky Notes: 2018 October & November
Brian says there is plenty for 'Open Cluster' Enthusiasts in these Sky Notes
Sky Notes: 2018 August & September
Brian suggests looking for the prominent globulars in Hercules, M13 and M92
Sky Notes: 2018 June & July
The Summer Triangle takes the stage, and can be used as a pointer to many objects.