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2021 Handbook now available for download

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2021 Handbook now available for download

The 2021 Handbook can now be downloaded from

You need to be a logged in member to access it.


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2021 Handbook now available for download

 A lot of useful informations as always.

I wonder what they would have thought of the exoplanets tabel back in 1922...

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A century of technological progress.

Much the same could be said of the usefulness of publishing predicted magnitudes as faint as 15, let alone well below 20.

BAA members can now readily observe things which are significantly fainter than mag. 22.

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Love the Gothic

Love the Gothic on the front cover. Thankfully not continued inside.

The Brunsvega reminded me of my computer course at Wandsworth Tech in the early 1960's where it was used to introduce techniques of multiplication on the basic computers of the era. I later programmed mainframes that did not have hardware math units to do multiplication using the shift and add principal from these machines!  So if your bank interest in the 60's/70's  was wrong, it was probably me.


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Distance of Mars

Good to see next year's edition of the Handbook. One thing that seems a little odd is that the distance of all the other planets is given, but not that of Mars. Is there a reason for this?