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Photo album from the BAA's 1900 eclipse expedtion to North Carolina

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Photo album from the BAA's 1900 eclipse expedtion to North Carolina

I'm passing on correspondence from Matthew Haley of Bonham's. 

On December 4th Bonham's are auctioning a photo album from the BAA's expedition to see the 1900 Total Solar Eclipse in North Carolina. BAA members present included Revd John Bacon and his daughter Gertrude (pioneering balloonist), and John Nevil Maskelyne, a relative of the fifth Astronomer Royal. Edward Emerson Barnard also features, both in North Carolina and at the Yerkes Observatory.

It looks fascinating!

Mike Frost

Dear Mr Frost,
Your members might be interested to know that we have an auction on 4 December that includes a photo album recording the BAA's expedition to North Carolina in 1900:
I notice that our cataloguer unfortunately seems to have erroneously named the BAA [as the BAS - MAF]; please accept my apologies.
Kind regards,
Matthew Haley, Bonhams
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Very interesting

Thanks Mike. These sorts of things are very interesting.

"Other images include views of Wadesborough (8), Judge Bennett, "principal among inhabitants at Wadesboro"."

You can't imagine a report talking about a principal inhabitant nowadays!

Nice to meet you in London at NewSciLive.

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1900 Eclipse Expedition - Film of the event by Maskelyne

The North Carolina eclipse video is available on You Tube here