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Antiques Road Trip episode featuring Elizabeth Brown, BAA Pioneer

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Antiques Road Trip episode featuring Elizabeth Brown, BAA Pioneer

I have had some correspondence in recent days with Dan Twist, Edit Producer for BBC’s Antiques Road Trip. He is producing an edition of the program about Elizabeth Brown, the remarkable solar observer who was a leading figure in the foundation of the BAA, and the first director of our solar section. We featured an article about Elizabeth by John Harris in the Autumn 2019 edition of the historical section newsletter, which can be found at

The episode features antiques experts Charlie Ross and Izzie Balmer. There is no definite transmission date yet, but Dan expects the series of Antiques Road Trip will go out on BBC One in the new year. “Possibly January/ February but it’s best just to keep an eye out for it in the TV listings.”

Watch out for it!

Mike Frost, Historical Section Director

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Yes, in the way all researchers with television companies seem to operate, they contacted me a few days before filming to ask whether I could supply information about Miss Brown. Of course I did so but could have helped more with a little notice.

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Cotswold AS

Yes, they got in touch with my local society too - and one of our members (Peer Cadogan) will be appearing on the piece and be talking abut EB. Unfortunately John Harris (who is also a Cotswold AS member) was away in France at the time of filming.