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M45 Pleiades


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About this observation
Graham Roberts
Time of observation
27/01/2019 - 11:54
M45 Pleiades
Observing location
Redhill, Surrey
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In the absence of clear skies since November, except thankfully for last week's lunar eclipse, this was my last image . All details at this link:



Xilman's picture

If you're interested, you could take that image, process it, and then submit observations of at least a dozen variable stars.  I'd be willing to help out if you wish, as doubtless would a number of other BAA-VSS members.

Pretty picture and scientific data, what more do you want?

graham.rob's picture

Thanks but not sure VS are my thing.  Notwithstanding, would be interest to learn more.

Xilman's picture

It's as well as, not instead of!  May as well get your name in the historical databases...

Got your mail., will reply.

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