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Nominate a scientist for the new £50 note

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Nominate a scientist for the new £50 note

The Bank of England has announced that the next version of the £50 note will feature a scientist, and it’s asking the public to submit names.

The Bank said that nominations can include anyone who worked in any field of science including astronomy, biology, bio-technology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, medical research, physics, technology or zoology.

Submit your nominations by December 14 at:

So, how about Sir Patrick Moore, who probably had a greater influence in attracting people to a branch of science including myself - Astronomy - than anyone else !

Regards to all,


Essex UK

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Good to see scientists

Good to see scientists getting this recognition and thanks for the link. It was always a shame that Isaac Newton made it to the pound note just before it was scrapped. I wonder if they could bring him back for the £50?

I like the "draw your own banknote" link. I could do that. I doubt my local shop would accept it though!