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Saturn at Opposition 2018


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About this observation
Martin Lewis
Time of observation
26/06/2018 - 23:22
Observing location
St Albans
444mm Dobsonian
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geoflewis's picture

Hi Martin,

Just looking at your image again and I can see the storm in L3 at around 300 deg, which is fantastic to see from a UK observation. I've tried, but nothing showing up for me.


Fossil Light's picture

Thanks Geof,

I guess you mean the storm close to the CM and by the NPR at the bottom of the image?

It was an exceptional night but there was some luck involved as is often the case. I was intending to set up on the lower patio for Jupiter when I got home and before we went out to see a film we had booked. The scope would then be cooled down by the time we returned and I'd be able to capture more Jupiter videos. As it was there was a car accident on the way home so I got home late and we had to rush to the cinema without setting up.

Getting back from the cinema there was not enough time to set up and get the scope properly cooled before Jupiter would disappear behind a big oak tree SW of me. Currently I have on loan a simple 8" dob I am reviewing and that was easy to set up and frustratingly showed pretty good seeing on Jupiter. Damn I thought- missed a good opportunity to image. Then I remembered Saturn and thought that if I stayed up late I might be able to get onto it from the top patio forgetting it was only a few hours from opposition.

So every cloud has a silver lining! If there hadn't been that accident I would have imaged Jupiter and never had the time or energy to disassemble the scope then reassemble it half way up the garden to image Saturn.



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