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The user list controls access to all the advanced features of the website, which basically means editing data. There are 2 levels of user:

·         Observer

o   May upload and edit their own observations.

·         Officer

o   May upload and edit anyone’s observations.

o   Can edit standing data

§  Stars

§  Sequences

o   Can create and edit users

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Create New User

On the home page there is a “Create New User” button accessible only to VSS officers. Pressing it will take you to the following screen which will allow the creation of new users.

·         IMPORTANT

o   When you have created a user send them their user name and password in separate emails.

·         Do not ask the user for a preferred password.

o   They can alter their password once their account has been setup.

o   A user may have a set of standard passwords they use. If you know that then it opens you up to suspicion if anything ever happens to any of the online accounts.

·         Passwords are encrypted within the database.

o   Not even the VSS Database secretary knows what passwords have been used. The web pages encrypt the passwords, and it is only the encrypted version that is stored in the database.

The screen is fairly self-explanatory, however here is an explanation of each field in turn.

·         Username

o   This must be a unique name for the user.

o   It is recommended that it is the actual name of the user.

o   Short names like the observer id should be avoided since a short name makes it easier for hackers. It gives them something easy to guess.

·         Password

o   This must be at least 8 characters, and contain at least 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter, and 1 number.

o   Making passwords hard to guess is essential to the website security. Hackers will try to break into websites. The BAA is not exempt and has been hacked in the passed.

§  Avoid obvious passwords like Abcd1234, or Passw0rd.

·         Confirm Password

o   Must be a repeat of the above.

o   Do NOT copy and paste. The whole point is to get you to type in the password again so that if you made a typo you find out now rather than when the user cannot get into their account.

·         Email address

o   This is essential and should be the email address of the observer.

o   If for any reason the observer does not have an email address, then put in dummy but helpful text, like “NoEmailAddress”, or alternatively the email address of an Officer or other person who can contact the observer.

o   First Name

o   Surname

o   Observer Id

§  This is essential and must be correct.

§  If this is for a new observer, or for any reason the person does not have an observer id, then one must first be setup in the Observers screen within the Standing Data area.

o   Role

§  Essential to get this right.

§  Normally this will be observer.

§  Giving someone an officer level login will allow that person to change any observations, and alter stars and sequences.

o   Create

§  Until this button is pressed the user login has not been created.

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Edit Users (Inc. Password Reset and Delete User)

This screen can be used to edit any user detail other than the username.

·         This is the screen that would be used to reset a user’s password if they forget it.

o   Never send the user their username and password in the same email.

·         This is how a user can be deleted.

Procedure to Update a User

1.       Select the username from the drop down list.

2.       Press “Edit User”.

3.       Amend the details as needed.

a.       Like enter a new password.

4.       Press “Update”

5.       Note that “Delete” will delete the user!

Procedure to Delete a User

1.       Select the username from the drop down list.

2.       Press “Edit User”.

3.       Press “Delete”.

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Change Password and Other Details (Change your own password)

This screen is available to all users, that is Observers and Officers. It is a lot like the “Edit User” screen except that it is used to edit your own login and you cannot use it to delete your login.

·         This is the screen that you would use to change your own password.

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