V713 Cep

Rare outburst of the neglected eclipsing UGSU star V713 Cep detected by G. Poyner from a Bradford Robotic Telescope image on 2009 Aug 28.135 UT at 16.96C - the first detected outburst since Oct. 30 1989.  Caught on the rise, V713 Cep is ~18.5 magnitude at minimum.  V713 Cep peaked at 15.0 visual magnitude on Aug 28.9 UT










Aug 25.162 UT  Mag 18.78C  Poyner [BRT]           Aug 28.135UT  Mag. 16.96C  Poyner [BRT]



Aug 28.942 UT  Mag 15.0C  I. Miller                          Aug 29.868 UT. Mag 15.82C  D. Boyd.





Eclipses of V713 Cep, obtained by David Boyd on 2009 Aug 29/30  0.35m SCT + SXV-H9 CCD and 60 second integration.




Detrended phase plot, folded on the published P_orb of 0.08542d.  D. Boyd.