Joint TA/BAAVSS meeting


St. Mary's Church Hall

Goat Lane 


October 13th 2012


In honour of the centenary of the birth of George Alcock





PDF's of presentations highlighted




Annual Report/Finances of 'The Astronomer'        Guy Hurst, Editor


Lifetime achievements of George Alcock.             Guy Hurst


Expanding the BAA Database.  (2.1mb PDF)      Roger Pickard


George Alcock: Some reminiscences.                  Denis Buczynski


Supernova 1a progenitors. (8.7mb PDF)              Prof. Boris Gaensicke (University of Warwick)


100 years of Novae   (2.3mb PDF)                         Prof. Nye Evans (Astrophysics group, Keele University)


Project Alcock: The search for Comets                 Roger Dymock


From Alcock's last comet to Herschel -

Studying comets from space                                   Dr. Mark Kidger (Herschel Science Centre, ESA)