VSSC 105


Phil Busby and Julie Farrer.

Note: PA is the Pro-Am Liaison Committee Newsletter. TA is 'The Astronomer' publication.
Article TitleAuthorCirc
24 Themis with SY Cnc, Appulses ofJ Greaves899
24 Themis with SY Cnc, Appulses of - ErrataG Poyner902
AAVSO, Contribution of Amateurs to VS Research, and theJ Mattei827
AAVSO European Conference 1997, Summary ofR Chambers947
AAVSO Meeting, 86th Spring - AnnouncementJ Mattei916
Active Galactic Nuclei ProgrammeG Poyner839
Active Galaxy Programme, The Deep Sky Section'sT Brelstaff7526
Analysis of Variable Star ObservationsT Markham9314
Analysis of Observations, Appeal for Help withK West946
Analysis of Observations using Spearman's Rank Correlation TestT Markham7213
And R, Light Curve, 1981-1987D McAdam7410
And W, Light Curve 1985-1987D McAdam7410
And W, Light Curve 1993-1997D McAdam9526
And Z, Outburst in 1997 and Light Curve 1984-1996G Poyner942
And RW, Light Curve 1977-1987D McAdam7411
And RX, Light Curve 1986-1987D McAdam7412
And RX, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7533
And RX, Light Curve 1995/6D McAdam901
And RX, ChartJ Toone9122
And SU, Light Curve 1971-1993D McAdam8415
And TZ, Light Curve 1971-1993D McAdam8415
And AQ, Light Curve 1971-1993D McAdam8415
And BZ, Light Curve 1971-1993D McAdam8416
And DZ, Light Curve, 1984-1987D McAdam7413
And QR, Observing CampaignP Sobotka, Dr V Simon992
Appeal for Help with Analysis of ObservationsK West946
Appeal for Help with Analysis of Observations - ErrataK West9519
Appointment of Computer SecretaryJ Isles721
Aql R, Light Curve 1983-1887D McAdam7414
Aql R, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7531
Aql R, Report on the Mira Variable using BAAVSS DataJ Greaves949
Aql V603, Light Curve 1981-1987D McAdam7414
Aql Nova, 1995 (and Chart)G Poyner8315
Aqr VY, and Asteroid 107 CamillaG Poyner923
Assistant Director, Note From theM Taylor962
Asteroid-Variable Appulses: a Short List to 2000J Greaves9010
Astro-2, Pro-Am withG Poyner843
Astro-2, Thank youJ Johnson851
Aur SS, Light Curve 1989-1991D McAdam7341
Aur SS, Recent ActivityJ Toone999
Aur UU, Light Curve 1991-1997D McAdam9526
Aur UU, Light Curve 1996-1997, Binocular Priority StarM Taylor9815
Aur UVJ Isles7236
Aur UV, Preliminary Chart forJ Toone7326
Aur AB, The Deep Fades ofJ Toone9513
Aur NO, Observations of the Lb VariableC Lloyd, D McAdam895
BAA Exhibition Meeting 1993T Brelstaff7728
BAA President, A Few Words from theM Mobberley1002
Back Issues, Request for SpareK Holland978
Betelgeuse, Observations by the SPA-VSST Markham826
Binocular and Telescope Programmes 1991J Isles725
Binocular Comparison Star AnalysisG Poyner883
Binocular Comparison Star Analysis - AddendumJ Toone894
Binocular Comparison Star Analysis, Note on ChartsJ Toone894
Binocular Priority Stars in 1995M Taylor905
Binocular Variable Star ObservingT Brelstaff7611
Binocular Variables, Miscellaneous in 1994M Taylor859
Binoculars, More Variables to Observe usingT Markham9213
Blue Supergiants, The Prevalence of Large Amplitude VariabilityT Brelstaff758
Boo U, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7537
Boo U, Light Curve 1983-1987D McAdam7415
Boo V, Light Curve 1983-1987D McAdam7416
Boo V, Light Curve 1996-1997, Binocular Priority StarM Taylor9815
Boo V, Why ObserveT Brelstaff955
Boo UZ, 1994 OutburstG Poyner825
Boo 44, A TrapT Brelstaff7710
Boo 44, Recent Observations ofJ Saxton9111
Cambridge Variable Star Meeting - AnnouncementJ Shanklin77,781
Cambridge Variable Star Meeting 1994: Part 1T Brelstaff792
Cambridge Variable Star Meeting 1994: Part 2T Brelstaff801
Cambridge Variable Star Meeting 1994: Part 3T Brelstaff812
Campaign for Darker Skies, Appeal for HelpR Mizon783
Campaign for Long Term Photometry of Symbiotic StarsL Hric, A Skopal72PAi
Cam V, Light Curve 1983-1987D McAdam7417
Cam X, Light Curve 1983-1987D McAdam7619
Cam X, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7530
Cam X, Light Curve 1993-1996D McAdam911
Cam Z, Light Curve 1986-1987D McAdam7418
Cam Z, Light Curve 1991-1994D McAdam8321
Cam Z, Light Curve 1973-1999D McAdam10038
Cam Z, Light Curve 1995D McAdam8822
Cam BM, Light Curve, Continuous 13 YearD Hall, G Henry8617
Cnc EG, Outburst 1997G Poyner915
CVn V, Light Curve 1996-1997, Binocular Priority StarM Taylor9816
CVn V, Light Curve 1979-1993J Toone8721
CVn V, New ChartJ Toone8713
CVn Y, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7535
CVn Y, New ChartJ Toone8714
CVn TU, New ChartJ Toone8714
CVn BR, Light CurveD McAdam981
Carbon Stars, UnusualJ Isles724
Cataclysmic Variables, Report on Warner SymposiumW Worraker10014
Cas T, Light Curve 1981-1987D McAdam7619
Cas RZ, and SU Cas, Neighbours in SpaceK West8919
Cas V465, Light Curve 1996/1997, Binocular Priority StarM Taylor9816
Cas V509, Recent UBVR MagnitudesT Brelstaff773
Cas V770, Light CurveD McAdam971
Cas Rho, Recent UBVR MagnitudesT Brelstaff773
Cas Tau, Recent UBVR MagnitudesT Brelstaff773
Cas, Nova 1995G Hurst914
Centenary Meeting (1991) AnnouncementR Pickard721
Cepheid Variables, Folded Observations ofK West919
Cep U, ChartT Brelstaff8212
Cep U, Sequence, Chart improvements - Suggestions for theT Brelstaff7336
Cep W, Light Curve 1996-1997, Binocular Priority StarM Taylor9919
Cep RU, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7539
Cep RX, 1968-1991 (and Light Curve)T Brelstaff7514
Cep VW, Major Period Change in,R Pickard, J Watson735
Cep PQ, Captured on Scotchchrome 800/3200PD Pugh8521
Cep PQ, Further NoteM Dahm8622
Cep Delta, SPA-VSS Observations ofG Poyner846
Cep Mu, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7537
Cet Omicron, Light Curve 1995/1997D McAdam921
Cet 33, Suspected Variable Star (and Light Curve 1971-1984)T Brelstaff767
Cet 33, Further DetailsM Collins7710
Chart Catalogue (1994)T Brelstaff7915
Chart Catalogue (1995)G Poyner861
Chart NewsJ Toone8711
Chart NewsJ Toone904
Chart NewsJ Toone938
Chart NewsJ Toone945
Chart NewsJ Toone985
Chart NewsJ Toone995
Chart Problems, W CMa and BL OriT Brelstaff821
Chart Secretary, E-mail AddressJ Toone9521
Charts and SequencesG Poyner841
Charts for Mike Collins DiscoveriesG Poyner9912
Circular Editor, NewG Poyner881
Circular, MilestoneG Poyner1003
Circulars, A Note on the NumberingS Dunlop7434
Circulars Editor, Change ofG Poyner8720
Circulars - More Reports WantedG Poyner952
Circulars - Request for ObservationsG Poyner952
Circulars, Some Idle Thoughts on theS Dunlop1007
Circulars Subscriptions, Increase inG Poyner841
Collins, Mike, DiscoveriesG Hurst9911
Collins, Mike, Suspected Variable Stars (and Charts)M Collins, J Toone956
Collins, Mike, Variable Stars - Two New ChartsG Poyner9614
Collins, Mike, Variables - New ProgrammeG Poyner856
Com W, Light Curve 1992-1997D McAdam9322
Comparison Stars, SuspectedP. Maloney8614
ComputerisationD McAdam723
ComputerisationD McAdam734
ComputerisationD McAdam823
ComputerisationD McAdam852
ComputerisationD McAdam894
Computerisation: 1992D McAdam753
Computerisation: 1993D McAdam795
Computerisation: 1994D McAdam833
Computerisation: 1995D McAdam8710
Computerisation: 1996G Poyner932
Computerisation: 1997D McAdam953
Computer Secretary, AppointmentJ Isles721
Computerisation: RAS GrantT Brelstaff804
Computing Section (BAA) - Program and Data LibraryT Brelstaff7325
CrB R, The Pulsations ofT Brelstaff783
CrB R, (Major Fade)G Poyner862
CrB R, Light Curve 1921-1992D McAdam8218
CrB R, in 1990 (and Light Curve)M Taylor7221
CrB R, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7529
CrB R, Light Curve 1999D McAdam991
CrB S, a First LookJ Greaves959
CrB T, Call for ObservationsJ Greaves9521
CrB T, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7532
CrB V, a Preliminary ViewJ Greaves9511
Crayford Variable Star Meeting - AnnouncementR Pickard971
Crayford Variable Star Meeting 1998: Part 1T Brelstaff988
Crayford Variable Star Meeting 1998: Part 2T Brelstaff9914
Crayford Variable Star Meeting 1998: Part 3T Brelstaff10028
Cyg W, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7538
Cyg W, Light Curve 1996-1997, Binocular Priority StarM Taylor9919
Cyg W, VSS Report in JBAAJ Howarth7216
Cyg SS, A Request for ObservationsG Poyner851
Cyg SS, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7528
Cyg SS, Light Curve 1998D McAdam991
Cyg SS, Light Curve 1962-1999D McAdam1001
Cyg SW, ChartT Brelstaff7615
Cyg AF, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7534
Cyg AF, Hungarian Observations ofT Brelstaff7819
Cyg AF, Light Curve 1996-1997, Binocular Priority StarM Taylor9919
Cyg BF, New ChartG Poyner863
Cyg BF, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7540
Cyg CH, (Activity)M Taylor9617
Cyg CH, Light Curve 1988-1990D McAdam7342
Cyg CH, Light Curve 1988-1993D McAdam805
Cyg CH, Light Curve 1971-1996D McAdam901
Cyg CH, Light Curve 1995-1998D McAdam971
Cyg CH, Light Curve 1997, Binocular Priority StarM Taylor9919
Cyg CH, New Chart forJ Toone9022
Cyg CI, Light Curve 1985-1990D McAdam7343
Cyg EM, A Call for ObservationsW Worraker935
Cyg V482, Light CurveD McAdam9322
Cyg V751, A Neglected VY Scl StarG Poyner983
Cyg V973, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7539
Cyg V1329, Light Curve 1990-1997D McAdam931
Cyg V 1454, Outburst 1996G Poyner904
Cyg Chi, Light Curve, 1991D McAdam7535
Cyg Chi, Light Curve 1981-1993D McAdam807
Cyg Chi, Light Curve 1995-1997D McAdam9422
Cyg Chi, Mira StarsD McAdam9611
Cyg Chi, SupplementalJ Greaves9810
Cyg Nova 1992, Radio ObservationsT Brelstaff774
Data, Visual, Inclusion of Photometry withK West9520
Data InputM Carson-Rowland7722
Database Reaches One MillionD McAdam912
Delphinus, A New Eclipsing Binary inT Brelstaff897
Del U, Light Curve 1988-1993D McAdam8321
Del U, Light Curve 1988-1996D McAdam951
Del U, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7530
Del EU, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7538
Del HR, Light Curve 1968-1994D McAdam8418
Denebola (Beta Leo), Suspected VariableJ Toone881
Director, A Few Words from,T Brelstaff761
Director, A NewT Brelstaff821
Director, A Word from the NewT Brelstaff751
Director, A Word from the NewG Poyner831
Director, From the VSSG Poyner1002
Director, Message from the RetiringJ Isles731
Director, Note from the AssistantM Taylor962
Director's Change of AddressJ Isles721
Dra Z, ChartT Brelstaff7524
Dra RY, Light Curve 1996-1997, Binocular Priority StarM Taylor9920
Dra DO, (YY Dra) Outburst in 1996G Poyner903
Dra AB Light Curve 1991D McAdam7533
Dra AG, Light Curve 1993-1994D McAdam8321
Dra AG, Light Curve 1993-1995D McAdam8722
Dra AG, Light Curve 1993-1997D McAdam92, 941, 22
Dra AG, New ChartJ Toone986
Dra AG, Outburst ofT Brelstaff811
Dra AH, Light Curve 1980-1989D McAdam7217
Dra AH, Light Curve 1987-1989D McAdam7419
Dra DO, (YY Dra) Outburst in 1996G Poyner903
Eclipsing Binaries, Minima of 1988J Isles7222
Eclipsing Binaries, Minima of 1989J Isles7313
Eclipsing Binaries, Report in JBAAJ Isles7216
Eclipsing Binaries, Photoelectric Minima 1990-1991T Brelstaff9116
Eclipsing Binaries, Photoelectric Minima 1992-1993T Brelstaff814
Eclipsing Binaries, Photoelectric Minima 1994T Brelstaff842
Eclipsing Binary (EB) Predictions, 1993 Feb 1 to 1993 May 31T Brelstaff7520
EB Predictions, 1993 Jun 1 to 1993 Sep 30T Brelstaff7612
EB Predictions, 1993 1 Oct to 1993 Dec 31T Brelstaff7717
EB Predictions, 1994 Jan 1 to 1994 Mar 31T Brelstaff786
EB Predictions, 1994 Apr 1 to 1994 July 31T Brelstaff7912
EB Predictions, 1994 Aug 1 to 1994 Sep 30T Brelstaff809
EB Predictions, 1994 Oct 1 to 1994 Dec 31T Brelstaff8114
EB Predictions, 1995 Jan 1 to 1995 Mar 30T Brelstaff8211
EB Predictions, 1995 Apr 1 to 1995 June 30T Brelstaff8319
EB Predictions, 1995 July 2 to 1995 Sept 30T Brelstaff847
EB Predictions, 1995 Oct 1 to 1995 Dec 31T Brelstaff8522
EB Predictions, 1996 Jan 1 to 1996 Mar 31T Brelstaff8615
EB Predictions, 1996 Apr 1 to 1996 June 30T Brelstaff8719
EB Predictions, 1996 Jul 1 to 1996 Sept 30T Brelstaff8819
EB Predictions, 1996 Oct 1 to 1996 Dec 31T Brelstaff8920
EB Predictions, 1997 Jan 1 to 1997 Mar 31T Brelstaff9019
EB Predictions, 1997 Apr 1 to 1997 Jun 30T Brelstaff9120
EB Predictions, 1997 Jul 1 to 1997 Sept 29T Brelstaff9220
EB Predictions, 1997 Oct 1 to 1997 Dec 31T Brelstaff9318
EB Predictions, 1998 Jan 1 to 1998 Mar 30T Brelstaff9419
EB Predictions, 1998 Mar 30 to 1998 Jun 30T Brelstaff9524
EB Predictions, 1998 July 1 to 1998 Sept 30T Brelstaff9623
EB Predictions, 1998 Oct 1 60 1998 Dec 31T Brelstaff9719
EB Predictions, 1999 Jan 1 to 1999 Mar 31T Brelstaff9820
EB Predictions, 1999 Apr 1 to 1999 Jun 30T Brelstaff9921
Eclipsing Binary Programme Handbook: 1988T Brelstaff7821
Eclipsing Binary Programme, Totals for 1995T Brelstaff8810
Eclipsing Binary Programme, Totals for 1996T Brelstaff9220
Eclipsing Binary Programme, Totals for 1997T Brelstaff966
Eclipsing Binary SecretaryG Poyner962
Editor, Change ofG Poyner8720
Editor, New CircularG Poyner881
Editor, Retiring, A Message fromJ Isles731
EditorialT Brelstaff771
EditorialT Brelstaff781
EditorialT Brelstaff791
Editorial, a ValedictoryS Dunlop7434
Electronic Mail AddressesJ Isles721
Equ S, ChartT Brelstaff7720
Errata VSSC 72S Dunlop731
Experiences of a Variable Star Observer, TheJ Farrer987
Finding Variable Stars on the WebT Markham9413
Gamma Ray Burst from a SupernovaT Brelstaff9818
Gamma Ray Burst, Detection of Optical Counterpart ofT Brelstaff923
Gamma Ray and X-Ray SourcesT Brelstaff774
Gamma Rays, Excess of TeV EnergyD McAdam922
Geminga Pulsar and its SupernovaT Brelstaff766
Geminga AgainT Brelstaff774
Gem U, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7529
Gem U, Light Curve 1993-1995D McAdam8722
Gem AW (Outburst October 1995)G Poyner865
Gem OW, February 1995 Eclipse ofT Brelstaff822
GEOS CircularsT Brelstaff761
GMAT Versus UT and Computer RecordsD McAdam739
HD 21155, Photoelectric Study of New Eclipsing BinaryT Brelstaff811
HD 221670, Possible Eclipses ofT Brelstaff797
Her X, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7534
Her ST, Light Curve 1993-1997D McAdam951
Her YY, Light Curve 1991-1994D McAdam8414
Her YY, Light Curve 1991-1997D McAdam941
Her AC, Light Curve 1982-1990D McAdam8222
Her AC, Light Curve 1982-1991D McAdam7425
Her AH, Light Curve 1983-1987D McAdam7420
Her V592, Outburst ofG Poyner982
Hipparcos, New Variables DiscoveredT Brelstaff838
How Low Can You Go?J Toone918
HS 1804+6753 (New Eclipsing Binary)G Poyner862
Hungarian Variable Star MeetingT Brelstaff752
IAU Colloquium 136 on Stellar Photometry, in DublinC Lloyd7310
IBVS 3739-3808T Brelstaff7510
IBVS 3809-3844T Brelstaff7616
IBVS 3845-3901T Brelstaff7715
IBVS 3902-3926T Brelstaff785
IBVS 3927-3975T Brelstaff7910
IBVS 3976-4006T Brelstaff808
IBVS 4007-4039T Brelstaff8117
IBVS 4040-4092T Brelstaff8214
IBVS 4093-4156G Poyner8410
IBVS 4157-4209G Poyner8519
IBVS 4210-4241G Poyner8613
IBVS 4242-4275G Poyner8811
IBVS 4294-4348G Poyner8915
IBVS 4349-4367G Poyner9018
IBVS 4368-4395G Poyner9119
IBVS 4396-4451G Poyner9217
IBVS 4452-4492G Poyner9317
IBVS 4493-4500G Poyner946
IBVS 4501-4542G Poyner9522
IBVS 4543-4600G Poyner9717
IBVS 4601-4627G Poyner9819
IBVS 4628-4662G Poyner10032
Important Notice - Change in Officer DutiesG Poyner952
Important Notice - Submission of ObservationsT Brelstaff7326
Index of Unpublished BAA Observations of Variable Stars1906-1989 D McAdam7227
Instruments and Imaging Section (BAA) NewsletterT Brelstaff8216
International OJ287 CampaignG Poyner777
International OJ287 Campaign, UpdateG Poyner8112
Jack Ells APT, Moving to TrottiscliffeR Pickard735
Jack Ells APT Summary for 1994R Pickard8715
Jack Ells APT Summary for 1995R Pickard884
Jack Ells APT Summary for 1996R Pickard, M Gough926
JAS VSS ProgramT Markham7527
Keele Collaboration, UpdateW Worraker975
Krakov Yearbook for 1994T Brelstaff766
Krakov Yearbook for 1995, AvailabilityT Brelstaff794
Lac SU, Light Curve 1990-1994D McAdam8416
Lampkin's 'Naked Eye Stars' and Suspected VariablesT Brelstaff8413
Lanning 17 - A New Addition to the Recurrent Objects ProgrammeG Poyner934
Leo Beta, (Denebola) Suspected VariableJ Toone881
LetterG Poyner7820
LetterJ Isles9519
LetterT Markham9619
LetterA Hollis9719
LetterM Gavin10031
Light Curves from Computer RecordsD McAdam739
Light Curves from Computer RecordsD McAdam749
Light Curves of RV Tau StarsT Brelstaff7424
Light Curves, Medium Term for Two Mira StarsT Brelstaff7618
Light Curves, Medium Term SelectedD McAdam804
Light Curves, SelectedG Poyner8320
Literature, From theT Brelstaff829
Lyn Y, Light Curve 1981-1993D McAdam8414
Lyr DM, A New UGSU StarG Poyner892
Lyr EZ, an Easy RR Lyrae StarJ Greaves969
Lyr MV, Light Curve 1991-1998D McAdam971
M31, Possible Recurrent Novae inT Brelstaff978
Maitland, Stella, or Love of the StarsP Hurst824
Markarian 421 Light Curve 1982-1991D McAdam7344
Markarian 421 Light Curve 1995-1996D McAdam911
Measurement of StarlightT Brelstaff7611
Mike Collins DiscoveriesG Hurst9911
Mike Collins Suspected Variable Stars (and Charts)M Collins, J Toone956
Mike Collins Variable Stars - Two New ChartsG Poyner9614
Mike Collins Variables - New ProgrammeG Poyner856
Mira, Spectrum ofM Gavin997
Mira Stars, Medium-Term Light Curves for X Cam 1983-1987D McAdam7619
Mira Stars, Medium-Term Light Curves for T Cas 1981-1987D McAdam7619
Mira's Closed SeasonD McAdam9517
Mitteilungen Uaber Versenderiche Sterne (MVS)T Brelstaff7624
Mon U, Light Curve 1982-1991D McAdam7430
Mon PZ, Long-Term VariabilityT Brelstaff759
Name-List, 71st of Variable StarsT Brelstaff762
Neighbours in Space, RZ Cas and SU CasK West8919
New DirectorT Brelstaff821
New Director, A Word fromT Brelstaff751
New Director, Word from theG Poyner831
NGC 673, Supernova 1996bo inG Poyner902
NGC 2962, Supernova 1995d inG Poyner8317
NGC 3982, Supernova 1998aq inG Hurst967
Non-Variables, SuspectedK West8810
Northampton Variable Star Meeting 1996: Part 1T Brelstaff9014
Northampton Variable Star Meeting 1996: Part 2T Brelstaff917
Northampton Variable Star Meeting 1996: Part 3T Brelstaff9211
Northampton Variable Star Meeting 1996: Part 4T Brelstaff9310
Note From the Assistant DirectorM Taylor962
Note to AuthorsG Poyner902
Notes on some Suspected VariablesC Lloyd741
Nova Cas 1995G Hurst914
Novae and Supernovae, Reporting Observations ofG Poyner841
Novae, Recent Ones NamedT Brelstaff821
NSV 436 Cas = Wr 162, Observations of Suspected Variables 3C Lloyd, D McAdam868
NSV 650 Cas = CVS 171, Observations of Suspected Variables 4C Lloyd, G Hurst, D McAdam8610
NSV 1280 Tau = CSV 6048, Observations of Suspected Variables 2C Lloyd, D McAdam8516
NSV 1280 Tau = CSV 6048, Comments onC Lloyd, D McAdam8612
NSV 1671, Bright New Eclipsing Binary in TaurusT Brelstaff756
NSV 1702 (BD +22deg 743), Photoelectric PhotometryT Brelstaff7810
NSV 1702 = BD +22deg 743, Observations of Suspected Variables 1C Lloyd, J Watson, D McAdam8511
NSV 5598, A Possible New Short-Period Eclipsing Binary in Coma BerenicesT Brelstaff757
NSV 7378, A suspected RV Tau StarG Poyner894
NSV 13262, Detected in CCD Nova PatrolG Hurst995
Observations of Suspected Variables 1, NSV 1702 = BD +22deg 743C Lloyd, J Watson, D McAdam8511
Observations of Suspected Variables 2, NSV 1280 Tau = CSV 6048C Lloyd, D McAdam8516
Observations of Suspected Variables 3, NSV 436 Cas = Wr 162C Lloyd, D McAdam868
Observations of Suspected Variables 4, NSV 650 Cas = CVS 171C Lloyd, G Hurst, D McAdam8610
Observation Totals for 1990T Brelstaff731
Observation Totals for 1992M Taylor764
Observation Totals for 1993M Taylor815
Observation Totals for 1993, CreditM Taylor821
Observation Totals for 1994G Poyner871
Observation Totals for 1995M Taylor882
Observation Totals for 1997G Poyner964
Observations, Appeal for Help with Analysis ofK West946
Observations, Appeal for Help with Analysis of - ErrataK West9519
Observations, Submission of 1993T Brelstaff7326
Observations, Submission of 1994M Taylor821
Observations, Submitting on Computer Disc or via e-mailD McAdam775
Observer Lists for Light CurvesD McAdam10037
Observers Questionnaire, Comments onR Pickard7820
Observing New VariablesR Fleet722
Observing Statistics, Update on 1995M Taylor882
Officer Duties, Important ChangeG Poyner952
OJ287, International Campaign onG Poyner777
OJ287, International Campaign, UpdateG Poyner8112
Oph X, Light Curve 1990-1993D McAdam8417
Oph RS, Light Curve 1985-1989D McAdam7423
Ori Alpha, Fade ofT Brelstaff761
Ori U, Light Curve 1982-1987D McAdam7423
Ori U, Sequence, Discrepancy inT Brelstaff797
Ori BL, Comparison Star F forC Lloyd8412
Ori V640, ChartT Brelstaff789
Ori V1016, (Theta1 Ori A)T Brelstaff771
Ori V1016, Eclipse of, (Theta1 Ori A)T Brelstaff755
PALC, A History ofR Pickard1008
Pallas in BootesJ Toone889
Peg RU, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7540
Peg RU, Light Curve 1985-1993D McAdam806
Peg EF, Rare SuperoutburstG Poyner953
Peg IPW Worraker8310
Peg IP, ChartTA2793
Peg IP, New BAA Comparison Sequences forW Worraker973
Peg IP, New Chart forJ Toone974
Period Evolution Analysis of 13 Variable StarsJ M F Andujar10022
Per Z, ChartT Brelstaff848
Per ST, ChartT Brelstaff8116
Per TZ, Light Curve 1980-1993D McAdam8217
Per TZ, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7532
Per UV, a Most Unusual OutburstG Poyner884
Per AX, Light Curve 1988-1990D McAdam7342
Per AX, Light Curve 1988-1993D McAdam807
Per AX, Light Curve 1988-1997D McAdam931
Per DY, A New RCB Star? (and Chart)G Poyner818
Per GK, Minor OutburstG Poyner883
Per V409, =TASV 030645T Brelstaff8012
Photoelectric Minima of Eclipsing Binaries 1990-1991T Brelstaff9116
Photoelectric Minima of Eclipsing Binaries 1994T Brelstaff842
Photoelectric Minima of Eclipsing Binaries 1995T Brelstaff9016
Photoelectric Minima of Eclipsing Binaries 1996T Brelstaff9219
Photoelectric Minima of Eclipsing Binaries 1997T Brelstaff9614
Photoelectric Observations of Suspected VariablesC Lloyd, et al8910
Photoelectric Photometry of Bright Semiregular VariablesK West844
Photoelectric Photometry, Summary of ObservationsK West9618
Photoelectric ProgrammeJ Isles781
Photometry, Filtered, Concepts - Part 1G Salmon979
Photometry, Filtered, Practical Aspects - Part 2G Salmon9817
Photometry, Filtered, Preprocessing and Photometry - Part 3G Salmon9917
Photometry, Inclusion with Visual DataK West9520
Photometry of 'Constant' Variable StarsT Brelstaff7810
Pisces, Possible New Dwarf Nova inG Poyner923
Psc Y, ChartT Brelstaff8010
Psc SZT Brelstaff7325
Psc TX, Photoelectric PhotometryT Brelstaff784
Please Check your AddressS Dunlop7434
Polaris, Decreasing amplitude ofT Brelstaff7714
Pro-Am Exchanges ReportG Hurst72PAii
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 4G Hurst73PAi
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 5G Hurst73PAvii
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 6G Hurst73PAi
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 8G Hurst7620
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 9G Hurst7711
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 10G Hurst8013
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 11G Hurst834
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 12G Hurst8813
Pro-Am Exchanges Report - Addition to No 12G Hurst8916
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 13G Hurst9214
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 14G Hurst9415
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 15G Hurst9620
Pro-Am Exchanges Report No 16G Hurst10033
Pro-Am Liaison Committee Newsletter No 372Centre
Pro-Am Liaison Committee Newsletter No 473Centre
Pro-Am Liaison Committee Newsletter No 574Centre
Pro-Am with Astro 2G Poyner843
Professional-Amateur Co-operation on Observing ProjectsG Hurst10010
Programme, Changes to theG Poyner853
Pst...Want a Picture of your 'Scope' on the Web?D McAdam963
RCB Stars, The Evolutionary Status ofD Pollacco746
RAS Grant for VSS ComputerisationT Brelstaff804
RAS Grant for VSS Computerisation -Continued SupportG Poyner952
RAS Medal for Janet MatteiG Poyner8412
Recurrent Objects Programme NewsG Poyner892
Recurrent Objects Programme NewsG Poyner903
Recurrent Objects Programme NewsG Poyner915
Recurrent Objects Programme NewsG Poyner972
Recurrent Objects Programme NewsG Poyner10012
Recurrent Objects Programme Report 1992 UK N/SNG Poyner778
Recurrent Objects Programme Report 1993 UK N/SNG Poyner8017
Recurrent Novae in M31, PossibleT Brelstaff978
ReminiscencesJ Isles1003
Results for 1996G Poyner932
Retiring Editor, Message from theJ Isles731
Sge U, ChartT Brelstaff7613
Sge SV, an RCB Star and Light Curve 1988-1995G Poyner8322
Sge SV, Light Curve 1990-1992D McAdam8220
Sge AW, Outburst 1996G Poyner904
Sge FG, an Extraordinary Variable StarT Brelstaff751
Sge QW, Minor Outburst 1997 and Light Curve 1991-1997G Poyner942
SAO 28567, Possible Magnitude VariationsG Poyner902
SAO 28567, No VariationR Pickard9515
SAO 44590 a New Variable in Canes VenaticiK West8525
SAO 44590 (69 in V CVn Sequence)J Toone8720
Sco U, Rare Outburst, Recurrent Objects NewsG Poyner10012
Sct R, in 1991M Taylor7332
Sct R, Light Curve 1989-1991D McAdam7334, 35
Sct R, 1994 and 1995M. Taylor888
Sct R, Work on at Keele UniversityM Shanton763
Section Meeting 1996, AnnouncementG Poyner881
Section Meeting 1996, AnnouncementG Poyner892
Section Meeting 1998, AnnouncementR Pickard971
Ser R, Light Curve 1994-1998D McAdam9626
Ser Tau4, New ChartJ Toone8712
Software Pitfalls for the UnwaryR Pickard939
Sonneberg Observatory ThreatenedT Brelstaff772
SPA-VSS Comparison Star SequencesT Markham834
Spectrum of Mira, TheM Gavin997
Spotty Stars, A Plea for an ExplanationK West998
Spotty Stars, An ExplanationR Miles10013
Stars, Adding them to the ProgrammeT Brelstaff771
Subscriptions, IncreaseG Poyner841
Supernova 1995d, in NGC 2962 (and Chart)G Poyner8317
Supernova 1996bo in NGC 673, First UK DiscoveryG Poyner902
Supernova 1997bq, Second UKG Poyner921
Supernova 1997dn, Third UKG Poyner954
Supernova 1998an, Discovery ofR Arbour965
Supernova 1998aq, in NGC 3982G Hurst967
Supernova Patrol, UKG Poyner963
Suspected Comparison StarsP Maloney8614
Suspected Non-VariablesK West8810
Suspected Variable Stars, Mike Collins' (and Charts)M Collins, J Toone956
Suspected Variables 1, NSV 1702 = BD +22deg 743, Observations ofC Lloyd, J Watson, D McAdam8511
Suspected Variables 2, NSV 1280 Tau = CVS 6048, Observations ofC Lloyd, D McAdam8516
Suspected Variables 3, NSV 436 Cas = Wr 162, Observations ofC Lloyd, D McAdam868
Suspected Variables 4, NSV 650 Cas = CVS 171, Observations ofC Lloyd, G Hurst, D McAdam8610
Suspected Variables, Photoelectric Observations ofC Lloyd, et al8910
Suspected Variables, Some Notes onC Lloyd741
Suspected Variable Stars, An Early History of someT Markham7811
Suspected Variable Stars, Further NotesC Lloyd8121
Suspected Variables and all thatC Lloyd7338
Suspected VariablesC Henshaw828
Symbiotic Star, 1988-1989, Report in JBAA(J Isles)7216
Symbiotic Stars - New Work for the VSSJ Isles724
Tau RW, ChartT Brelstaff787
Tau SU, Second Major Fade in 1995G Poyner865
Tau SU, Slow Recovery in 1997G Poyner922
Tau SU, Light Curve 1962-1993D McAdam8221
Tau SU, Light Curve 1993-1998D McAdam9626
Tau HU, Photoelectric PhotometryK West803
Tau Rho, Recent UBVR MagnitudesT Brelstaff773
Tau 16, Photoelectric PhotometryK West804
TA 1975-1995, A Selection of Articles and Notes fromT Markham8913
TAV 0033+59J Toone958
TAV 0550+543G Hurst9913
TAV 0216+48J Toone957
TAV 2034+61G Hurst9615
TAV 2230+58G Hurst9615
TAV 1836+11 A New Mira Star in Ophiuchus (and Chart)T Brelstaff781
Telescopic and Binocular Programmes, TheG Poyner871
Tri X, ChartT Brelstaff7718
USNO 1425.09823278, a New CVG Poyner943
UMa R, SPA-VSS Observations ofT Markham8518
UMa T, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7536
UMa W, Recent Observations ofJ Saxton9714
UMa Z, Light Curve 1991D McAdam7528
UMa Z, Light Curve 1991-1995D McAdam8822
UMa RY, Light Curve 1990-1993D McAdam8417
UMa SW, Outburst October 1997G Poyner945
UMa SW, Outburst October 1997G Poyner956
UMa TX, ChartT Brelstaff7525
UMa CH, Light Curve 1973-1993D McAdam8125
UMa DV, in Outburst April 1997G Poyner925
UMi Z, A New R CrB Star?T Brelstaff822
UMi Z, A CorrectionT Brelstaff8320
UMi Z, ChartG Poyner854
UMi Z, Further ObservationsG Poyner861
UMi Z, Light Curve 1995-1997D McAdam941
Variable Star Meeting at Cambridge, AnnouncementJ Shanklin77, 781
Variable Star Meeting at Crayford, AnnouncementR Pickard971
Variable Star Meeting at Crayford, VideoR Pickard985
Variable Star Officers' Section Meeting, Summary ofR Pickard976
Variable Star Observations, AnalysisT Markham9314
Variable Star Publications, NewT Brelstaff803
Variable Stars, 71st Name-ListT Brelstaff762
Variable Stars, Finding on the WebT Markham9413
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff798
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff8119
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff858
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff865
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff878
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff8816
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff8917
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff9017
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff9118
Variable Stars, Recent Papers onT Brelstaff9522
Variable, When Visible?T Markham743
Variables, Binocular, Miscellaneous in 1994M Taylor859
Variables, More to Observe Using BinocularsT Markham9213
Variables, Observing NewR Fleet722
Visual Data, Inclusion of PhotometryK West9520
Visual Observations, Making for the Variable Star SectionT Brelstaff8019
VSS Centenary Meeting 1991 - AnnouncementJ Isles721
VSS Meeting Cambridge 1994: Part 1T Brelstaff792
VSS Meeting Cambridge 1994: Part 2T Brelstaff801
VSS Meeting Cambridge 1994: Part 3T Brelstaff812
VSS Meeting Northampton 1996: Part 1T Brelstaff9014
VSS Meeting Northampton 1996: Part 2T Brelstaff917
VSS Meeting Northampton 1996: Part 3T Brelstaff9211
VSS Meeting Northampton 1996: Part 4T Brelstaff9310
VSS Meeting Crayford 1998: Part 1T Brelstaff988
VSS Meeting Crayford 1998: Part 2T Brelstaff9914
VSS Meeting Crayford 1998: Part 3T Brelstaff10028
VSS Meeting Crayford 1998: VideoR Pickard985
VSS Observations and the Hubble Key ProgrammeI Howarth1005
VSS Observers Questionnaire, Comments on theR Pickard9012
VSS Reports in JBAA 7216
VSSC Back Issues, Request forK Holland978
Vir SS, New Chart forJ Toone7326
Vir SW, New Chart forJ Toone7326
Vul Z, ChartT Brelstaff7913
Vul PU, Light Curve 1979-1993D McAdam805
Vul PU, Light Curve 1980-1998D McAdam961
Walter Scott Houston (1912-1993), In MemoriamM Taylor799
Warner Symposium on Cataclysmic Variables, Report onW Worraker10014
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Web Page, InformationD McAdam953
Web Page UpdatesD McAdam985
Web Page Updates Nos 3 and 4D McAdam9916
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