Hampshire Astronomical Group - Variable Star Workshop

Saturday March 13th, 2010




















Powerpoint and PDF presentations of the talks given at the meeting...

Introduction - Why Variable Stars? - Roger Pickard   1 Mb download here

Why observe visually in the 21st Century. - John Toone  1.9Mb PDF download here

Eclipses - when/did will they occur? - Tony Markham  1Mb download here  and Real Light Curves 0.5Mb download here.  When will eclipses occur? - working it out for yourself.  753k download here

Using a DSLR to study Variable Stars - Des Loughney      3.3 Mb Download here

Basic CCD Observing - Roger Pickard   4Mb download here

Novae and Supernovae:  Search and follow up observations. - Guy Hurst   17k PDF download here

Observing Programmes for the Visual Observer - Gary Poyner    3.5 Mb download here




Group photo outside the HAG 60cm reflector.  Photo courtesy David Briggs