Edinburgh Workshop - October 18th 2008           


Following the VSS Workshop organised by Des Loughney in Edinburgh on Saturday 18th October,  we are pleased
to offer the speakers presentations for members to download. It will probably be useful to view these in conjunction
with the short articles that the contributors have prepared which will appear in the next Circular.

The Programme was as follows:-

Roger Pickard, Director of the Variable Star Section and President of the BAA: Welcome,

"Why Variable Stars"   Download PDF 

"Introduction to CCD Observing".    Download PDF

John Toone, Chart Secretary "Visual Observing"    Download PDF

Robin Leadbeater, "Spectroscopy and Variable Stars"This presentation is available on Robin's web site at:

Des Loughney, Eclipsing Binary Secretary "Observing Eclipsing Binaries in Auriga 2008/2009"   Download PDF

Melvyn Taylor, Binocular Secretary "Binocular Variables"    Download PDF


  The Director and BAA President discusses CCD photometry.

The delegates pose before the meeting begins.


Robin Leadbeater (left) and Workshop organiser Des Loughney (right) present their talks.