BAA Variable Star Section.  Eccles, Manchester October 15th 2011




Photo. Roger Pickard


Section Meeting

Saturday 15th October 2011

Monton House Hotel, Eccles, Manchester

PDF's and Powerpoint Presentations are highlighted



 10.00 am - Tea/ Coffee - Registration

 10.20 am - Welcome, Roger Pickard, Director BAA VSS

10.30 Des Loughney, The International Eps Aur Campaign - photometry. (Powerpoint)

10.50 Robin Leadbeater, The International Eps Aur Campaign - spectroscopy. (PDF, see here for animations)

11.10 Professor Tom Marsh, Planets around evolved stellar systems. (PDF 5mb)

12.10 Tony Markham, The VSS Facebook pages. (Powerpoint)

 12.15 Lunch break

 14.00 Andy Wilson, The BAA VSS Database. (PDF)

14.10 Stan Waterman, Finding new variable stars in Auriga. (Powerpoint)

15.00 John Toone, The AAVSO Centenary Meeting. (PDF)

 15.20 Tea Break

 16.00 Professor Don Kurtz,  Planets and Pulsation: the New Keplerian Revolution.

17.00 Open Session

            Gary Poyner - V1413 Aql and the BAA Polar Programme (PDF)

            Dr. David Boyd - HS1857+7127 (Powerpoint)

David Boyd, BAA President, spoke briefly about his observations of HS1857+7127, a dwarf nova varying between mags 14 and 17.5 which is under investigation by the AAVSO's Z Cam campaign. He had recorded six eclipses of depth 0.15mag during recent outbursts from which times of eclipse minimum had been obtained and a new ephemeris calculated. This enabled knowledge of the orbital period to be improved from 272.317(1)m to 272.31866(6)m.

17.30 Close